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Hi everyone and welcome! One only question we have and here it is. Why myonlybeer.com? Well, it all began with your same passion…a big passion for beers…craft beers! We are still an unestimated number of beers enthusiasts around the world and that number is increasing hour after hour; We are millions of beer lovers from the East, the West, the North and the South. You can find a beer lover in every corner of the globe. Don’t you agree? So, what’s myonlybeer? The shortest answer is: a Community! Remember back in the day when we use to go down the street with our friends to spend time together having fun and sharing everything we possibly could?...Got the picture? Ok cool…that’s myonlybeer. It is that “down the street” where you can find everything you want or need to know about craft beers and craft breweries in a funny environment and for us your voice matters! In fact myonlybeer community grows because of all of us as a one. We have programmed tools with which you can make craft beers or craft breweries recommendation in a few simple steps. Also, you can suggest pubs, restaurants and bars where you usually enjoy your favorite craft beers or, if you are travelling, suggest places worth a visit for a good IPA, Stout, Belgian Style or whatever beer it is :) . Why should myonlybeer.com be different from other craft beer websites? First of all myonlybeer is a community and not a website. Secondly, you are a member and not a number; Very shortly we will be working on creating a fully customizable member profile and by editing your information you will connect with many other members from around the world and with your same beer taste. Let be a little serious now! myonlybeer has been created to support all the craft breweries in the world and give them appreciation for everything they do to satisfy our palate, for their efforts, their passion, their will to do better and their will to grow. Many craft breweries have gained popularity and success, many are looking to become successful, many will succeed, many will close :( and many in this very moment are brewing their very first beer. Thank you all! Cheers!! myonlybeer .com Staff

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