Spanish Craft Beers

While Spain is most often thought of for it's wine selections, it has begun to enter into the world of craft beers. It may not be the hot spot to visit for the beer yet, but it is showing an increased interest in it's brewing. Spain has been one of Europe's large producers of beer for centuries but most of it was generic beers. Now it has begun to enter the microbrew and craft beer scene giving their beers a distinction. Even though Spain has been a beer producer for centuries it wasn't until 1989 in Madrid that a microbrewery pub was opened. It was a struggle for several years afterwards for other breweries to open because of the legal paperwork and taxes. It has only been in the past couple years that the microbrewing scene in Spain has been able to take off. These craft beers are finally able to give the industrial beer producers a run for their money and are beginning to be a place of interest to tourists. There are now more than one hundred fifty craft beer brands in Spain. Much more than the small handful that were around in 2012. Three of the popular microwbrew brand include Cibeles, La Virgen, and Henares for if you are looking to sample some of Spain's nearly fresh to the scene beers. With such rapid increase in this market the competition is fierce leaving the consumer to enjoy the rich tastes that are being produced.

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