All you are to me

Thank you, Mom... for the love, strength, and care for in this world that is quite rare for being my guardian and my guide on those sad days when I cried I'm proud of you because... you never gave up hope when the times were hard you kept going forward through it all, yard by yard you have never let others change who you are you have always shown me that you're my favorite star you move through the unknown with strength no matter how far the length I would have never been here today.... without your motherly advice without your ultimate sacrifice without the support I needed I never would have succeeded without your unbounded love I could never stay above I just wanted you to know.... I will always stand by your side I will give back and be your guide I will fight for you in the hard times even if all I have are a few dimes I will never lose my faith in you my love for you is always true I will always be there on those days you are hurt and sad and you feel everything is going bad I will hold you in my arms and say I'm glad to be with you here today when you feel you are alone I will be your chaperone So thank you, Mom, I love you so much! never forget, the support and love I have for you will never diminish, you are one of the strongest people I know, so don't let anyone else's evil decisions or careless actions change who you are today. you are better than all of them and stronger in every way. (Anonymous)

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