5 things to know about craft beers

If you are new to craft beers but are planning to visit a brewery or pub that specialised in craft beers then there are a few things you might like to know before you visit. 1. How is craft beer made? Craft beer can be made in a variety of unique ways. From barrel ageing to using wild yeasts or smoked malts. Flavours can be added such as passion fruit, brambles or coffee granules. beer brewers love to experiment. 2. Why are craft beers often more expensive? Craft beers have recently become the trendy drink amongst young professionals and this along with the often costly raw ingredients used to make them have pushed the price up. Craft beer is usually made on a small scale of production and brewers need to charge accordingly in order to make a profit. Take into consideration the export and import duties and you will appreciate why the prices are often high. 3. What is International bitterness units (IBU)? Lovers of craft beers like a bitter brew which is why the International Bitterness unit was created. 4. How are Sour craft beers made? Sour craft beers are often very popular and are made using traditional farmhouse techniques or Belgian brewing styles. They are usually made with Brettanomyces yeast. 5. What is a Tasting stick? If you ask for a testing stick you will get three third-pints on a handy carrying tray. This is so you can taste a selection of beers in smaller quantities.

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